Shea Ren Tae'                                              Massage Therapy
Centre for  Wellbeing                                                                                                        &
634 E. Newton  St. Eldon, MO  65026                                                                       
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Whether seeking relief from pain, searching for a method to deal with stress or wanting to maintain good health,  Massage & Chiropractic Therapy may be the answer. 

          Massage Therapy
          ...heals the Body
          ...clears the Mind
          ...frees the Spirit

         Renate Brodecker
         Diana Harrison
            Licensed Massage Therapists

            Dr. Brenda Nairn
               Chiropractic Physician 


We have been in business for 10 years, under the name of The Comfort Zone.  We have recently renovated a beautiful 1900 Victorian Home to be our new Centre for Wellbeing and changed our name to better represent our new space.   We have many services, classes & trainings available.