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Massage Services

Swedish Relaxation
Swedish massage is designed to promote deep levels of relaxation & stress reduction bringing a feeling of wellbeing to the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage
Assessment & treatment of pain & dysfunction of soft tissue using Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, & Myofascial Release.  The purpose of treatment is to bring muscle tissue back into good health, relieve pain & restore range of motion.  It is very complementary to your Chiropractic care.

Prescription Therapeutic Massage
Neuromuscular treatment done under a doctors prescription.  Insurance reimbursement must be preauthorized.

Acupressure Therapy
Treatment to acupuncture points with pressure to relieve symptoms such as headaches, sinus problems, indigestion, nausea & more.  Designed to bring the systems of the body back into a healthy state of balance.

Thai Massage
A unique style of bodywork that encourages muscle flexibility thru the use of stretching, pressing and flowing movement.  This natural therapy eliminates toxins from joints & soft tissue, improving circulation & range of motion.  The session is done fully clothed, on a Thai floor mat, the qualified therapist assists the body in a rhythmic seqence of Yoga-like movements.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage is a massage that uses smooth, heated volcanic stones to soothe and relax muscle tissue.  The heat of the stones help to release muscles easily. We use hot stones with all of our table massages.  There is no additional charge.